Social Media Checklist; Get Yours Here!

Social Media Checklist

Social Media Checklist

Social Media Checklist

Why do I need a Social Media Checklist?

A social media checklist can help your company execute its social strategy properly and more effectively.  Rather than just randomly posting information, I highly advise a well thought out and prepared plan to communicate with followers.   When a company does not have a social media plan, its social presence can be hurt.

What is the benefit of a Social Media Checklist?

Planning is the key factor when you talk about the benefits of engaging in weekly activity for your social media sites.  Just like any other checklist you create, it helps you see what needs to be done and gives you the ability to follow a guideline.  Just like a weekly grocery list or monthly chores list,  you can foresee what has to be done, finished work, and planning for the future.

Social media is a lot more than posting random material at random times.  You want to closely follow and see the times your material is making impressions.  If you continue to post material at times where your viewers are not online, the chances of reaching your followers significantly decrease.  Think about the receivers news feed and how flooded it gets becomes everyday.  There is a small window in which a majority of your users are online and these are the times you want to be posting.  Make sure to follow the trends!

Where can I get a Social Media Checklist?

You can use the picture posted at the beginning of this article or for a more simplistic social media checklist, I have created a Microsoft Word document here.   Both of these social media checklists are merely guidelines for you to follow.  Surely, you are encouraged to create your own checklist for customization based upon your company and their followers.  The more personal you make your checklist, the better you can cater to your business

Remember, Boosted SEO can help your companies social media needs and execute a plan such as the ones listed above.  Please contact us and we would be happy to prepare and get your company on a social media plan.  We can create a specific plan and work together with you to see what services will help your company reach every day users.  Social media can create value to your company as long as it is being used properly and efficiently.


The Importance of SEO

Why SEO so important

What is the importance of SEO?

Let’s face it, the importance of SEO is growing rapidly.  When you have a company or business website, you certainly want to ensure that plenty of traffic is driven to the site.  At the current time, you are unhappy with the amount of traffic you are getting. Or perhaps you’re content with the level, but you wish it could be so much more. What are the reasons why you should incorporate SEO into your search plan?

Reaching The Top of The Rankings

When you are not using SEO strategies, you do not necessarily have a chance to get to the top of search engine rankings. For example, let’s say that you were searching for something in Google. You’ll see that sites are ranked in a particular order. Your goal is to get to that first spot or as close to the first spot as you possibly can. With the help of SEO techniques, this goal of yours becomes a possibility.

Attracting The Right Audience

Remember, the purpose of getting into the search rankings is to attract your target audience. SEO will help you to speak directly to them. Basically, you want to use terms that the audience members would use if they want to find your page. For example, if you sell organic food items, customers would probably type in phrases such as “organic food,” “organic foods,” “healthy foods” and so forth. By incorporating these elements into your page, SEO can help you specifically speak to the people who you are trying to bring forth to your page.  This is why you must push your company in regards to the importance of SEO.

Thinking Like a Consumer

You might think that this is a little bit difficult. After all, how are you to know what terms your customers are going to think of? Well, thinking like a consumer is an important part of Internet marketing. You need to know what the consumers are searching for and how they go about obtaining that goal. This is why it’s so important to hire a professional SEO company. These companies are masterminds at these techniques and tactics, and they can help you get more into the mind of your target audience than you ever had imagined.

Keeping up with Competition

When you are involved with Internet marketing campaigns, you want to ensure that you are keeping up with the competition. Failure to do so could mean that you are going to seriously fall behind. As you know, many companies become similar in some aspects because they all want to utilize the same forms of technology. So many companies are using SEO techniques, and they have professionals who help them to craft plans. When you don’t, you are basically letting them take control of your game. If you aren’t going to have the SEO techniques implemented, then you are going to fall behind.

Local SEO Strategies

Let’s say that you are a company located in Basking Ridge, and you also sell organic foods. The importance of SEO will make ou want to narrow down your focus even a little bit more. Instead of just typing “organic foods” into the search engine, your target audience is likely typing “organic foods in Basking Ridge” or “organic foods Basking Ridge.” As a result, you want to ensure that your content has a local SEO focus as well. This professional company is going to help you implement those plans into your overall strategy for success.

Sounding Natural with SEO

When people go to a website and it is loaded with keywords, they might immediately turn away. They see it as more of an advertisement than natural content, and they do not want to feel as though they are dealing with spam. They might also be weary of sites that use unnatural sounding SEO phrases. Anything in abundance has the potential to send customers to another shop. Therefore, by working with professionals, you can craft a plan that incorporates SEO strategies but in a way that does not send customers looking for a better fit for their needs.

The importance of SEO is definitely an interesting and intriguing field. You might be able to understand and implement some of the basic strategies behind it by yourself. However, getting too far into it might mean that you are not doing all that you can to ensure the ultimate success of your business.



The Importance of SEO Graph

The importance of SEO

This graph demonstrates the importance of SEO by showing the traffic amongst average Google searches

General Pricing for SEO Service

SEO Price Guide

One major question a lot of people have is “How much is all of the SEO and internet marketing going to cost me?” or “What is the general pricing for SEO?” This letter is to provide you and your company with an understanding on how our general pricing works.  Even though we have created these “packages”, we are flexible and offer services a la carte style, where you can specifically choose which services you would like.  This guide does not specify exactly how much the service is, but merely to give you an idea of the pricing structure.  Please email or contact us today and set up a free consultation!

What is the General Pricing for seo

How much Does SEO Cost?

Basic SEO Package

Starting at $500.00 per month

This package is great for someone who needs a very basic website with a few pages.  Maybe you’re a photographer or a nutritionist who needs to blog about your events.  This package would be great for someone in interest of self-promotion.  We will create a website for you and design up to 2 pages and a blog.

Advanced SEO Package

Starting at $1000.00 per month

This package is ideal for small businesses who are either on the internet already, or who are just starting their first website. We will build your site for you and make sure you are indexed in major search engines.  We will install and integrate Facebook and Twitter, which help you easily communicate with your customers and clients.  We will maintain these social media accounts which include communicating and posting weekly.  The advanced package also includes an analysis report and run down in which we can provide your websites performance, where your traffic is coming from, and what keywords people are using to find your site.  We will also make sure to post your content 6 times per month on your blog to make sure your site is staying active.

Expert SEO Package

Starting at $1,500.00+ per month (Depending on services)

This is our best and most elite package we offer.  Whether you own a small business and want to be found locally, or are distributors looking to sell products globally, we can do anything you need us to do for your site.  We will make sure your site ranks the highest on major search engines; both organically and advertised.  We will create a mobile site for your company so when people search from their phones, the website will modify itself and adjust to a mobile-friendly format.  These mobile formatted websites can have a “Call Now” button right up front so people can press it and the company number will dial immediately.  If you sign on to this package, we will include one month free of PPC management, as well as $100.00 in Google AdWords credits.  You will get a complete analysis report to know where people are searching your site from and how they are navigating their way to your site.  Your website will be completely optimized for search engines.  We will also integrate any social media needs your company wants.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr, and any other social media platforms you prefer.  We will maintain your social media sites daily and post your content as often as needed.  We will also post your content on your blogs for you and make sure your blog postings are completely optimized.  You site will be fully integrated into Google Maps and appear on map listings as well, where people could be given GPS directions to your location through the map service.

Final Notes Our General Pricing For SEO

These prices are a general price guides to follow to help you figure out which package suites you and your company the best.  We are always open minded and prefer to work with clients to help them achieve their goals.

*Please note these prices can vary depending on which services you need.  These prices do not include content for the pages.  None of these packages include content and we are under the assumption you will be providing us with the content.  If you are interested in a writing service, we can provide you with one at additional charges.  If additional tools, themes, or advertising are needed for site they will be charged to the account accordingly.  This includes domains and web hosting.

The Importance Of It; Google Authorship

Google Authorship

What is it?

Google Authorship is something you have most likely noticed recently when performing a Google search.  When someones face appears next to a search result, these people have claimed authorship on their page.  Essentially, what this does is link the content that is posted on the page to the author who wrote it.  This system gives the writer of the content a connection to the material.  Below, I have highlighted an area where my last blog post appeared in a Google Search!

Boosted SEO in Google Authorship

Boosted SEO using Google Authorship (Click to Enlarge)

Why is Google author so important?

Authorship allows a writer to say, “Hey, I own this content because I was the first to publish this on the internet.”  If anyone is to try to copy and paste the content from the your website and plagiarize it, Google would refuse to publish that material on a search.  They do this because they know the content was originally posted somewhere else on the internet.

This benefits many writers in an effort to protect their writing.  Writers have always lost a lot of credit online due to the ease of copying and pasting.  Not only does this link the two together, it gives a great presence when someone performs a Google search.  Did you know sites that use Authorship when posting a blog article have a higher “Click Through Rate”, or CTR?  When a web surfer sees the face of the person who is writing the content, it gives the person searching a feeling before they decide where they click.  If the feeling your picture gives off is a good feeling, don’t you think people are more likely to click you?

How do I get Google Authorship?

Google Authorship requires a Google+ profile and a plugin that allows you to link your content to the Google+ profile.  Here is the link to verify your email address through Google.  Once you verify your email, you need to link your website to Google+.  The plugin I use, which I highly recommend getting, is SEO Yoast.  This program allows you to plug the information right into your WordPress and begin posting articles using your Authorship.

Pay Per Click Marketing; What Is It?

Pay Per Click Marketing

What does this mean?

Pay Per Click, also known as PPC,  is an online marketing technique that has to deal with advertising a link to your website.  When a potential customer sees an advertised link somewhere on the internet and clicks it,  your company is billed.  Search engines will not charge you to advertise your website.  As an advertiser, you design the ad that you would like placed and decide where you would like the ad to show up.  There are many areas on the internet where you can run a campaign that will allow your company to appear when everyday internet users perform searches.

Search Engines often sell the first couple results of a search.  This all depends on what the advertiser is looking to advertise and if search engines find it relevant to place the advertisers ad.  Search engines use a complicated system to sort the results and will filter them differently for every single user.  The results that appear when you perform a search all depend on location, interests, user history, and many other things.  Now you might ask, how can I tell the difference between advertisements and non advertisements?  Many search engines are able to place these ads without people noticing!  All ads are checked and verified by the search engines to make sure that it is similar to what people are searching for, but manage to make their way up to the first result by paying.  Below I have highlighted in yellow where PPC ads could possibly show up in a Google search.

Pay Per Click

Boosted SEO ranked position 6 for keyword search “SEO” with Pay Per Click.  Arrow on left starts position 1 and arrow on right shows start of position 4.

Do I Need Pay Per Click?

When somebody asks me this, I respond with another question, “Are you looking to gain traffic to your site?”  If the answer is yes, I would highly recommend investing in online advertising.  If you are a local business and want to inform people of your site and your business, PPC will get your company there.  PPC is something you can run for some months, and other months you can pause it to stop running ads.  Depending on your website, some operators are only interested in organic search results.

How does Pay Per Click Work?

Pay Per Click ads focus primarily on keywords.  Depending on how many other companies are attempting to advertise in the same industry as you, will determine the price of each click.  Location on search engines are not sold, they are auctioned.  If the competition for a keyword is very high, it is likely the cost per click will be higher than usual.  If the competition is low, the keyword wont be as much.  This is why it is important to have a well structured marketing plan to discover what keywords are worth investing in, and what keywords are costing you more than your investment.


I highly suggest using Google’s AdWord tool for your Pay Per Click campaigns.  Google is rated the most popular search engine to use.  Everyday, Google answers over 1 billion questions.  So don’t you think taking advantage of marketing on their platform is a crucial method of advertisement for your company?  Please check out this program and use it for your site.  If you can’t understand how to use the program and want to get involved with Pay Per Click marketing, please contact Boosted SEO and we will be happy to help get you an evaluation of how we can get you on page 1 of Google using AdWords.

For all you NetFlix junkies, Chromecast has arrived!

Chromecast allows your TV to play media from your wifi enabled devices

Are you someone who loves to be on the computer or tablet watching Netflix? Well this weekend, Google released an adapter that connects to your TV through USB and HDMI that allows you to control your TV right from your device. No more having to huddle around a little phone anymore; just connected your device to the access point and you will be streaming right to the TV. For the little price of $35, this device pack a lot of power to the user. This product is over 50% cheaper than its competition, “Apple TV”.


You can buy this product through the Google Play store or from BestBuy. The Google Store states its about a 3-4 week waiting period to receive a shipment, and Bestbuy you can no longer order online.   So call your local Bestbuy store to see if they still have it in stock and pick one up today!  You won’t be disappointed for the price you are paying for this device.

-Boosted SEO

How to use Snapchat

How to use Snapchat

Boosted SEO is here to help you understand How to use Snapchat!

In an endless effort to increase the electronic delivery time between two people, a program known as Snapchat has recently emerged and is only in its early stages of growth.  Users are able to take a picture of themselves, upload it to a server, and allow the receiving user a limited time to view the picture before it is deleted off the server.  The maximum allotted time for the receiving user is ten seconds.

After seeing many of my friends use this program, it made me question what was the idea behind creating such a program?  I wanted to know how to use Snapchat.  At first, I  thought it was a way of transferring images that people wanted other people to see, but could avoid that person from saving the image.  People have encountered situations where sending an image has turned around and bit them in the the behind.  Snapchat has reduced the chances of that happening.  But, I wanted to dig deeper and see what this program actually meant.  After doing some research I was able to find the intention of creating this program was to transfer the emoticon from the computer and generate an actual photo of a persons face.  People are able to see emotion from the sending user.  Finding this out had put an entirely new prospective on the application.

I introduced a few people in my family and taught them how to use Snapchat.  It became very popular and almost replaced text messaging for some of them.  Due to minimal controls and ease of operation, the users of the elder generation could pick up on it extremely fast.  This program makes it quick and easy to share for everyone with a little bit of training.

I wanted to dig a little bit deeper and see the use and practicality of this application and how it could benefit a company.  The idea that I generated was to use it in the home security service.  If a household has cameras watching the outside of their house, a quick capture program could take a picture when the motion sensor is activated, and send this photo to the security system subscriber.  Now, instead of only allowing a few seconds to view the picture, the program could give the receiver an option of downloading the image to their device or not.  This would keep home owners notified about what is going on in a quick method.  Live video streaming is great, but sometimes people just want to know what is going on at the point and time.  With video, you have to watch and wait for activity to happen, or go back in history and find the specific location of the video.

I highly recommend this application, especially in terms of keeping in touch with people.  Not only is it easy to use, but it can show people what is going on and where you are. They have made this app so simple to shoot and share.  My girlfriend and I are going on a road trip very soon and my family is excited that I showed them Snapchat because now they can some-what live the moment with us.

How to use Snapchat video

I have created a simple how to use Snapchat video that shows your how to use this application on the HTC Incredible. This application is similar across all platforms and its operations are the same. So please watch my video and connect with me!


Boosted SEO

Boosted SEO is a company that was created with the intention of helping any size business get their company online and running.  The idea started in Basking Ridge, New Jersey where I created this idea and began teaching myself as many approaches to online marketing as possible.  The importance of online engagement from companies have grown significantly and will continue to grow exponentially.  The need to appear first in search engines is becoming a main source of traffic for any business.  The reason it is growing is because the internet is becoming accessible by anyone.  Think of how many people use cell phones that are capable of browsing the internet? Think of how easy it would be to go to a company website from your phone, and press a “Call Us!” button and already be on the phone with that business. 

A never ending ski slope. #ButtersForDays

Posted by Andrew Mucci on Monday, April 6, 2015

Why is Facebook and Twitter so important?

Facebook importance

Why is Facebook so important?


This a question that many people ask over and over.  I have even consulted people who are afraid to get involved with Facebook and Twitter.  Although this is not the best tool, it is still very powerful if used properly.  The idea behind these social media sites is being connected.  For a personal use, Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and family.  From a business perspective, Facebook allows business owners to connect with their customers.

Lets say you own a restaurant who is consistently changing their menu items.  Unless your customers are physically in your restaurant, how are they suppose to know what additions have been created for the night? How would the customers know if there is a special event going on at your establishment?

The key to reaching customers is getting them to follow your posts.  Once a person follows your social media pages, they will receive every update you put on your page.  For the restaurant example, you may use Twitter to inform your followers that your hours of operation are being extended.

Facebook and Twitter have done a great job in making it an easy interface for all users.  When people are intimidated by these platforms, a local SEO service would be of great help to your company.  An SEO expert would be able to meet with you to create a plan of posts and make sure your company grows socially.  SEO small business services is something that all companies can benefit from.

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